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Boating Accidents

South Florida Maritime Attorney Helps People Hurt in Boating Accidents

Proven Miami lawyer helps injured boaters get financial compensation

If you or your loved one has been injured while boating, maritime law expert Attorney Tonya Meister of Meister Law can help. Attorney Meister is a Florida board-certified admiralty and maritime lawyer with an extensive background and experience handling these types of cases. She has successfully represented boat accident victims for more than 14 years. Her proven track record gives you the best chance of obtaining the compensation you deserve. As a former seafarer and avid boater, she understands the unique aspects of being at sea. The combination of her practical maritime experience and her maritime legal expertise provides her with special insight into maritime accidents.

Trustworthy advocate litigates cases involving all types of watercraft

Whether you were hurt on a cruise ship, powerboat, sailboat, ferry, or a smaller craft like a Jet Ski or windsurfing board, Attorney Meister will develop the strongest possible legal argument on your behalf to seek the justice you deserve.

Attorney Meister is committed to delivering comprehensive legal representation for those injured in boating accidents. She advises people who take to the water for business or pleasure on issues such as:

  • Safety measures — Just as there are rules for the road, there are essential safety precautions that should be followed by all boat operators and communicated to their passengers. Attorney Meister is a strong advocate for educating Floridians on boating safety and has provided safety tips to television viewers and the public.
  • Weather awareness — South Florida’s weather conditions can change in an instant. It is crucial to be prepared, no matter what type of craft you are in. In every case that Meister Law handles, we conduct a detailed examination of the effect weather and sea conditions may have had on the incident.
  • Legal claims — When you are hurt in a boating accident, understanding your legal rights can be difficult. Attorney Meister explains the relevant law clearly and makes sure that your case is negotiated and litigated from a position of strength.

Attorney Meister will take the time to go over each aspect of your incident and guide you toward a course of action that adequately compensates you for your harm.

Effective attorney works to hold careless owners and operators accountable

Even a brief moment of carelessness on the water can have devastating consequences. The US Coast Guard reported that 2017 had the highest number of boating accidents in the past five years. Attorney Meister’s legal experience and detailed familiarity with shipboard operations gives clients an advantage when taking on defendants in legal actions arising from:

  • Negligence — Operating a boat properly requires attention to numerous details. Using faulty equipment, failing to adjust to bad weather and other types of negligence could have devastating effects. Per the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, 38% of all boat collisions in 2017 were due to inattention or the operator not maintaining a proper view ahead of the vessel.
  • Boating while intoxicated — When people in charge of maneuvering a boat, personal watercraft or other type of vessel are impaired by alcohol or drugs, they put everyone around them in danger. Alcohol continued to be the largest contributing factor in fatal boating accidents in 2017. Whether or not a sobriety test was administered at the time of the accident, Attorney Meister can investigate how unsafe drinking or substance use contributed to the injury.
  • Reckless operation — Unfortunately, people often don’t understand the risks involved with operating a watercraft and act recklessly by cutting in front of other boats, making unexpected moves or operating at an excessive speed. Meister Law works diligently to demonstrate how these actions triggered serious harm.

Don’t take matters into your own hands or rely on what defendants and their attorneys and insurance companies say is the value of your claim. Meister Law will fight to protect your interests.

Contact a knowledgeable maritime lawyer for a free initial consultation regarding a boating accident claim

Getting the most from your boating incident claim demands a legal advocate who is familiar with the unique nature of maritime and admiralty law. Attorney Tonya Meister of Meister Law understands the defenses and tactics that adversaries use so you’ll be able to anticipate and counter them. Please call 786-623-4162 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. You only have one chance to assert your rights, so it’s important to find the right attorney.

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Attorney Tonya Meister has made many appearances in both national and international media over the course of her career.

She has appeared on television in the United States and in Germany speaking about maritime disasters, and has been featured in multiple law journals and newspaper articles.

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