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Miami Law Firm Stands up for the Rights of Boat Passengers

Florida attorney assists people harmed on cruise ships and other vessels

Miami is known as the cruise ship capital of the world. Thousands of people flock to its ports each day to embark on a dream vacation. However, for some people, that dream ends up becoming a nightmare. If you or a loved one has been injured on a cruise ship or some other type of passenger watercraft, you need an experienced attorney to successfully handle your claim. At Meister Law, LLC, I represent passengers against cruise ship companies in a wide variety of cases, including litigation arising from onboard injuries, sexual assaults and other harmful accidents. Since 2008, my firm has taken on major cruise lines and smaller boating operators to hold them accountable for their carelessness and misconduct.

Knowledgeable maritime litigator holds negligent cruise lines accountable

When you purchase a ticket for a cruise, your thoughts are about how you will enjoy yourself — not the legal terms that govern your trip. If you’re harmed while on a cruise, the situation is made more complicated by that fact that ships are often registered in far-off countries, so a seasoned maritime lawyer is necessary to give you a fair chance at recovery. My firm provides knowledgeable counsel in cases arising from a full range of cruise ship injuries, such as:

  • Falls — Slippery surfaces and poor lighting can create dangerous conditions for busy passengers.
  • Negligent medical care — Though most cruise ships have medical providers onboard, professional standards might be compromised due to negligence or cost concerns. I conduct a thorough investigation to detect instances of improper care.
  • Sexual assault — Alcohol and shipboard social life can create an environment conducive to sexual attacks if the ship’s owner and personnel fail to maintain order.
  • Shore excursions and watercraft accidents — Extra activities are a common component of cruise packages. When these excursions go wrong, my firm takes action against all of the liable parties.
  • Food poisoning and illnesses — News reports frequently describe illnesses that affect ship passengers due to poor hygiene or food preparation practices. If you have become ill on board, I can seek appropriate compensation for your medical costs and ruined trip.
  • Disappearances — If someone you know or traveled with disappeared while on a cruise, my firm has the resources to press cruise operators for key information and damages.

Starting with a free initial consultation, I will outline the laws and conditions that apply to your claim. Though cruise lines often go to great lengths to avoid liability, I know how to overcome their defenses to pursue a fair resolution for my clients.

Dedicated lawyer advises victims of accidents on all types of watercraft

In addition to handling cruise ship litigation, my firm represents clients in boating accident cases against the owners of other types of vessels, including:

  • Ferries
  • Private yachts and sailboats
  • Recreational and chartered watercraft
  • Casino, riverboat and dinner cruises
  • Cargo vessels

Regardless of the particular circumstances, I have the skill and legal background to develop an effective litigation strategy to address the harm you’ve suffered as a passenger.

Contact a skilled Florida maritime injury lawyer for a free initial consultation

Meister Law, LLC represents passengers who have been hurt on cruise ships as well as other types of passenger boats. Please call 786-623-4162 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation at my office in Miami.

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