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Seafarers’ Legal Rights

Dedicated Miami Maritime Attorney Enforces Seafarers’ Legal Rights

Skilled South Florida lawyer represents injured crew members

Seafarers are often tasked with performing difficult and dangerous duties that can put their health and welfare in jeopardy. When injuries occur, there are laws and remedies that provide seafarers with protection. Meister Law in Miami is a law firm devoted to enforcing this protection for the men and women who work at sea. Since 2008, Meister Law has obtained exceptional results for onboard personnel in all types of cases. As a former crew member and a board-certified admiralty and maritime law attorney, Attorney Meister has seen firsthand how difficult it can be for seafarers to receive the protections they are entitled to under the law, which is why she is committed to fighting for their rights to be compensated.

Knowledgeable litigator handles a full range of ship workers’ matters

Attorney Meister knows that seafarers are often confronted by such challenges as demanding employers, unruly passengers and unsafe work conditions, all while being at the mercy of the sea. It comes as no surprise that many crew members are injured while working on vessels. Thankfully, admiralty and maritime law establishes legal relief for these workers. In a free initial consultation, Attorney Meister can outline potential claims, including:

  • Maintenance and cure — Meister Law ensures that sick and injured crew members receive prompt, proper and adequate medical care, as well as money for their food and lodging while recovering. We litigate maintenance and cure claims so that injured seafarers can obtain the benefits they are entitled to while recovering from a work accident.
  • Unseaworthiness and Jones Act claims — Attorney Meister has detailed knowledge of what constitutes unseaworthy conditions and negligence under the Jones Act, which gives her injured clients an edge in these claims.
  • Contractual benefits — Meister Law helps seafarers obtain their rightful contractual benefits, including disability benefits and retirement benefits. Attorney Meister understands complex work agreements and challenges employers who seek to avoid their legal obligations relating to wages, health coverage and other items.
  • Unpaid wages — Attorney Meister helps crew members get their full wages, including overtime. If you were forced to do extra work that wasn’t compensated or required to pay unwarranted expenses, the firm will assert your rights through negotiations and legal action if necessary.
  • Cruise ship injuries — Workers on passenger cruise lines (such as Carnival Cruise Line or Royal Caribbean International) are exposed to a wide range of risks. If they are hurt, Meister Law helps them. Should you be injured due to an onboard accident, a collision, an unruly passenger or another type of incident on one of these massive vessels, the firm will find the liable parties and take effective action on your behalf.
  • Boating accidents — For any boating accident, Attorney Meister conducts a thorough review to determine who is at fault and gives her clients the best chance at a successful outcome.

Attorney Meister’s unique combination of legal ability and relevant work experience offers the seafarers she represents an advantage even when litigating against large corporate employers and other powerful interests.

Contact a skilled Florida seafarers’ rights attorney for a free initial consultation

Meister Law represents seafarers in a full range of maritime injury claims, including Jones Act, unseaworthiness, and maintenance and cure actions. Please call 786-623-4162 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Meister Law helps seafarers around the world secure the damages and benefits they are entitled to under the law. Attorney Tonya Meister has a thorough understanding of the legal and factual issues in these cases and can maximize the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

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