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Unseaworthiness Claims

South Florida Lawyer Handles Unseaworthiness Claims

Proven Miami law firm helps injured plaintiffs get financial compensation

Shipowners have a duty to provide a vessel that is seaworthy. However, some ship owners allow their vessels to become dangerous because of cost concerns, substandard equipment, insufficient crew or poor maintenance. At Meister Law in Miami, Attorney Meister has nearly 15 years of experience helping seafarers recover money damages in claims and other legal actions arising from the use of unseaworthy vessels. Whether your specific claim relates to defective or inadequate equipment, an improperly trained crew, falling objects, uneven decks, defective “anti-slip” surfaces, inadequate fire prevention measures or another unseaworthy condition, Meister Law will build the strongest possible case to demonstrate that the problem could have been remedied.

Accomplished attorney litigates matters involving substandard conditions

As a dedicated advocate for seafarers’ legal rights, Attorney Meister confronts shipowners and others who are responsible for unsafe conditions on their vessels. Having worked as a crew member herself, she can identify key evidence to support allegations of:

  • Defective gear— Whether the problem is with major equipment, such as an engine or cargo landing machine, or with something smaller, a defective product can cause serious injuries. Attorney Meister brings actions against shipowners and other liable parties, including manufacturers, when appropriate.
  • Hull damage— Hull damage that goes undetected or untreated could have catastrophic effects. Attorney Meister’s experience enables her to identify structural flaws that contributed to an accident.
  • Inappropriate use or crew— Vessels have specific uses, so a ship that is appropriate for one purpose might not be seaworthy when used in another way. Likewise, failure to employ properly trained crew members presents a hazard to everyone onboard.
  • Unsafe conditions— Meister Law gathers evidence for individuals hurt due to flaws such as dangerous surfaces, leaks and poor fire protection.
  • Falling pipes and railings— Failure to maintain a proper vessel can lead to injuries caused by falling objects, such as pipes, railings and poorly secured cargo.

Starting with a free initial consultation, Attorney Meister will perform a thorough review of the circumstances to identify the companies and people who caused your injury.

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If you have been hurt on an unseaworthy vessel, Attorney Tonya Meister of Meister Law is a board-certified admiralty and maritime lawyer who can answer all of your questions. Please call 786-623-4162 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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